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"Frozen Whole Shell Mussels"

Frozen Whole Shell Mussels

Frozen Whole Shell Mussels

Scientific Name: Mtyilus edulis
Market Name:Mussel
Some Common Names: Blue Mussel, Black Mussel, IQF Mussel, Half Shell Mussel, Whole Shell Mussel

At we purchase only the highest quality frozen Mussels available. We prefer to use the J & R Brand from Long Branch, NJ. Having been in the seafood trade and in the same business for over 23 years, has tried many companies and brands of frozen Mussels.

We are proud and confident in the Mussels consistent quality that J & R packs for us. Known as the Blue Mussel, the Mussel shell can be black in color as well. In the restaurant trade, the name Black Mussel is used more frequently. Our Whole Shell Mussels will have the entire shell (already opened) and the Mussel meat attached to the bottom shell.

Farmed Mussels are usually grown off the bottom of the waters, which helps the Mussels grow faster and also helps the Mussel remain almost grit and sand free. At we would like you to know that the Mussel meat color can vary from shades of white to the female having an orange to apricot color.

Mussels have been described as having a taste comparable to a combination of Clam and Oyster, creating a plump sweet tasting flavor.

Frozen Whole Shell Mussels
$11.89 per pound bag
Frozen Mussels must be ordered by the bag.
Bags weigh 2 lbs. each

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5 lb. minimum order size per delivery
2 lbs Frozen Whole Shell Mussels + 3 lbs. Add. Selections = 5 lbs. Total Order OK!

Nutritional data for Frozen Whole Shell Mussels
100 g edible weight:
Calories...................90.0 kcal
Protein....................12 g
Total lipid (fat)...…..2.2 g
Omega-3.................0.4 mg

Recommended Cooking Methods

For additional information on Frozen Whole Shell Mussels, please e-mail

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